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The red lion on the gold field has appeared on the Arms of Scotland since the 12th century.


The red hand holding a red cross, symbolises the Association of the Clan with the Kindred of St Columba. and with royalty in the North of Ireland, since Saint Columba was a prince in Ulster before he migrated to Iona.   

The red hand was emblem the royal O'Neill family.

The galley was originally an emblem of the Mother Goddess and was adopted by the Norse sea kings and the MacDonald Lords of the Isles. The Gaelic name of Lochlainn means Northern lands and it is believed was given to the son of a marriage between a member of the royal family of O'Neill and a Norwegian princess.

The 4th quarter of the Arms shows a salmon swimming in a green sea another  emblem derived from the royal O'Neills.

Clan MacLachlan is headed by the 25th Chief, Euan MacLachlan of MacLachlan from his seat at Castle Lachlan. The castle lies on the shores of Loch Fyne in Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland.

The quartering of MacLachlan of Maclachlan

The home of the present chief was built in the 18th century and redesigned in the 19th.

 Set in  a 1500 acre estate it stands back from the loch.  

It has been divided so that the splendid southwest facing front is now available for letting on a self catering basis.

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Euan MacLachlan

of MacLachlan

25th Chief of Clan